A Message from the Founder

Kylee Wiscombe


Thank you so much for visiting the Gr8ter website. Whether you’re here looking for information and resources for yourself or someone else, I’m glad you’re here.

Gr8ter, Inc. was created to offer empowerment and support to the beautiful souls who are struggling with their mental health. This is a very personal and meaningful mission for me because, in my 30s, feeling like I was happy, successful, and had a loving family that I cherished, I experienced a pretty unexpected crash, which led to a bipolar diagnosis.

I’ve experienced the extreme highs of mania and the pain of waking up in a mental health facility on an involuntary hold.  I’ve also clawed my way out of the pit of depression more than once and overcome suicide plans.  The past decade has been a journey of not only finding stability and mental wellness for myself but also recovering from the shame that comes with a mental health diagnosis.  There’s a lot to my own story and, as we get to know one another, I’ll tell you more about it.

But for now, I want to reassure you that I am Gr8ter than bipolar and you’re Gr8ter than your struggles too.  I want you to know, there is hope and healing for those struggling with mental health disorders and if you’re here because someone you love is struggling, there are ways to help them too.

Gr8ter is here to help by holding on to hope. We believe in mental health recovery.  We believe a person with any mental health struggle can and should be able to live the happy and fulfilling lives they desire.  

We’re committed to helping people step forward into mental health recovery, even if that’s just one small baby step in a day or a week. We understand what works for some might not work for others. We know there are no cookie-cutter answers and no instant fix.

Everyone at Gr8ter has their own story of struggle. It might not be bipolar like it was for me, but we each have experienced hurt and hopelessness and we’re very open about sharing what has worked for us as we continue to heal, grow, and endeavor to live the fulfilling lives we desire.

You and your story matters to us. By offering resources and information, we’re encouraging you to create a supportive inner-circle where sharing your feelings is safe, helpful, and healing.

Finally, it is our goal to help others as we continue to heal. We take our mission of empowering others to overcome the struggles associated with mental health disorders very seriously.

It is our hope that you will feel loved and supported here at Gr8ter.

From my heart,

Kylee Wiscombe