Transforming Lives:

From mental illness to mental wellness.

Gr8ter empowers people

to overcome mental health struggles in order to live the lives they desire.

What it Means to be Gr8ter

Gr8ter empowers adults and youth to move past shame and step forward into the life they desire.  If you’ve found yourself in a struggle, practicing these four steps will lead you to be Gr8ter than your highs and lows.


Hold on to Hope

Believe that you CAN and DESERVE to have a joy-filled, successful, and rewarding life. We’ve done it and we know it’s possible for you, too. If you’re in a place that feels hopeless right now, that’s okay, we’ll hold the hope for you.


Commit to Stepping Forward

Keep trying! Don’t stop trying new things that may help you.  There are endless possibilities of modalities that may be what you need. This is an individual game and what works for one person may not work for someone else.


Be Open

Being open about what you’re going through is key getting passed the shame and other barriers that may be holding you back. Find someone you trust, such as a friend or family member, counselor, a support group, or a mental health hotline.


Help Others

Encourage and empower others to grow.  Share your journey and teach them these simple steps to success.