Transforming Lives:

From mental illness to mental wellness.

Gr8ter empowers people

to overcome mental health struggles in order to live the happy and fulfilling lives they desire.

What it Means to be Gr8ter

Gr8ter empowers adults and youth to move past shame and step forward into the life they desire.  If you’ve found yourself in a struggle, practicing these four steps will lead you to be Gr8ter than your highs and lows.


Hold on to Hope

Believe that you CAN and DESERVE to have a joy-filled, successful, and rewarding life. We’ve done it and we know it’s possible for you, too. If you’re in a place that feels hopeless right now, that’s okay, we’ll hold the hope for you.


Commit to Stepping Forward

Keep trying! Don’t stop trying new things that may help you.  There are endless possibilities of modalities that may be what you need. This is an individual game and what works for one person may not work for someone else.


Be Open

Being open about what you’re going through is key getting passed the shame and other barriers that may be holding you back. Find someone you trust, such as a friend or family member, counselor, a support group, or a mental health hotline.


Help Others

Encourage and empower others to grow.  Share your journey and teach them these simple steps to success.

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It is NOT too soon to start thinking about summer activities! On September 24, 2022, Tamarack Municipal Association is again joining forces with a local nonprofit called Gr8ter to bring you the Top of Tamarack (TOT) event!

This is a one-of-a-kind event where participants bike, run or hike up the mountain to the distance of their choosing. We’ll start at the Village and travel along the gravel service roads that traverse up the mountain. As you rise to the top, you’ll soak in the epic views of Valley County! You can choose to tackle any distance along the service road leading up to the summit. The maximum distance is 15 miles round trip with a full 2,900-foot elevation climb to the Top of Tamarack.

Here’s the cool part - this event is for everyone!

Register here:

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Join us! Bike, Run or Hike up Tamarack.

Top of Tamarack 2nd annual race is September 24.

Join us for this mental health awareness and suicide prevention event where you can prove you’re “mentally strong”, all for a good cause!

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Maybe she’s blowing you off. Maybe she’s a bad friend. Maybe she is keeping you in her back pocket for a rainy day. It’s entirely possible.

Or maybe she’s busy. Maybe her plate is completely full. Maybe she’s coping the best way she knows how. Maybe she’s stressed. Maybe she’s maxed out. Maybe stuff isn’t going her way, and she’s saving her energy.

Maybe she really did miss your text.

Maybe she is overwhelmed with kids, family, and bills. Maybe she’s trying her best, but her best isn’t much right now. Maybe anxiety is getting in the way and rearing its ugly head, as it so often does.

Maybe it has nothing to do with you at all. Maybe it’s about her.

There are a million reasons she might be falling short. Maybe it really is that things have run their course. It’s a sad part of life, but it is, nonetheless, a part of life. Only you can make that call.

But, then again, maybe it’s something else. Don’t forget to give the benefit of the doubt. Don’t forget to cut her some slack. Don’t forget to forgive. Don’t forget sometimes friendship means loving each other through the tough seasons, and the rainy weather, and all the ups and downs.

May we hold each other in the good times and in the rough times even if that means giving space...
I see you sister.

To those I have been too busy for - I love you, I’m sorry.

To those who have been distant from me - I love you, I understand.

~ Anonymous

St. Lukes McCall, one of our Top of Tamarack sponsors, has some really amazing events scheduled this month in honor or Mental Health Awareness. They have both online and in-person events for those in the Valley County area. Check them out here: ❤ #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #mentalhealthawareness #gr8terthanmydiagnosis #gr8ter ...

My stages of recovery went something like this after I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder:

1. “I am bipolar” - this is my new identity, it’s who I am. And there’s no hope of escaping this new reality.

2. “I have bipolar disorder” - I accept the diagnosis, and am seeking stability (not recovery). But don’t believe I can thrive.

3. “I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder” - the diagnosis no longer holds power over me and I believe recovery is possible...for me and for you.

Today I stand here to tell you. I am not my diagnosis. I am not bipolar. I was diagnosed with it, and that’s a big difference. Your diagnosis is just data. And the sooner we all realize recovery from mental health struggles is possible, the sooner people will seek and find healing.

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Dear fellow running, hiking, biking and mental health enthusiasts…We'd like to introduce you to an event that is now open for registration! Gr8ter has join forces with Tamarack Municipal Association to bring you the Top of Tamarack on September 24, 2022! Join us and bike, run, or hike up the mountain at Tamarack Resort. This one of a kind event in the name of mental health awareness and suicide prevention! We'd love you to join us and be "mentally strong"! ...

It’s taken a while to get to this before and after. A lot of painful days were spent between these two pictures along the road to recovery. Days full of shame. Days not knowing what to do. Days that I didn’t think I’d make it through. But I kept stepping forward believing better days were ahead. And now…there is no shame in my game and there is stability in my life. It’s World Bipolar Day. For all my bipolar besties out there…keep stepping forward. You are Gr8ter than your highs and lows. Hugs! ~Kylee. #bipolar #gr8ter #stepforward #worldbipolarday ...

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I know it feels hard. And it feels like the pain is endless. There are better days coming. Keep stepping towards them. Stay with us. <3 #gr8ter #StepForward ...

Looks like a great opportunity to take some action towards your mental health! Check it out friends! ...

It’s not just one thing. It’s many things added up over time that lead to mental health recovery. I hate that there is no quick fix! It takes time, patience and perseverance. It takes looking at your physical, chemical and emotional stress. It takes committing to step forward and make changes in your life.

One such change that I made over the past few years is consistently adding vitamin supplements to my diet. For mental health, the must haves are a multi-vitamin, omega-3s, and vitamin d. I also have learned magnesium and a probiotic is important.

I want to give a shout out to Catie Bristow, she provides me some of my supplements (I’m in love with QMax multivitamin). She has a heart for mental health and she has been amazing to work with.

You can’t expect to add vitamins to your routine and find recovery. It’s one thing you can do. There’s more. You have a unique solution to feeling good again. Start stepping towards it. You can do it! I know it! ❤️ Kylee

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Sometimes the darkness lies so much and makes you believe that death is the only way to escape the pain.

It’s not. There is help, there is hope. Please keep stepping forward. Don’t believe the lies.

Help is available 24/7 at 1-800-273-8255, you don’t have to be suicidal to call.

Our prayers for @chesliekryst friends and family.

#gr8ter #stepforward

It’s really hard to see the blessings in the midst of life’s difficulties. But they are there. Time and distance has helped me see many through my struggle with mental health. I pray that if you’re in the midst of hard times, you find peace and hope. If you don’t have any hope, I am holding it for you. Keep stepping forward, friends. 💜


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