Trail Fridays

Your Path to Adventure and Wellness with Gr8ter

Join Trail Fridays and discover the transformative power of trails, community, and nature!  


Welcome to Trail Fridays,  a vibrant community initiative where every trail adventure feels like a Friday! Trail Fridays is designed to motivate, connect, and explore. With new locations every week, every trail adventure is a fresh opportunity to embrace the beauty of nature and promote your mental and physical well-being.

Promoting Mental Health and Wellness

Trail Fridays aligns perfectly with Gr8ter’s mission to empower people to overcome mental health struggles and live fulfilling lives. Movement, connecting with others, setting goals, and being in nature are powerful tools for promoting good mental health. Trail Fridays offers all of these benefits, making it an ideal way to improve your well-being while enjoying the great outdoors.

Inclusive and Welcoming

Trail Fridays is for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned trail runner or a casual hiker. Our outings typically feature a shorter route (3-5 miles) and a longer route (8+ miles) to accommodate various fitness levels and goals. We start together, support each other, and although we may not finish together, we strive to make everyone feel welcome and safe. Our meetups begin with introductions to foster a friendly and inclusive environment where newcomers can easily connect with others.

Training for Top of Tamarack

For those training for Gr8ter’s Top of Tamarack trail race, Trail Fridays is the perfect place to prepare. Our diverse routes and supportive community provide an excellent training ground to build endurance and confidence for the race.  

Proud Partnership with Fleet Feet Treasure Valley

We are proud to be in partnership with Fleet Feet Treasure Valley, a cornerstone of our local running community. Fleet Feet sponsors our “Frequent Trekker Program,” where participants can earn awesome swag just for showing up regularly. Their dedication to fostering a supportive and enthusiastic community perfectly complements our mission at Trail Fridays. Learn more about Fleet Feet Treasure Valley and their commitment to the running community here.

Join Us

If you’re new to Trail Fridays, we ask that you register through Fitvil. This registration serves as both a waiver and a way to track attendance for our “Frequent Trekker Program”. You only need to complete this registration once before arriving at the trailhead. Sign up here. For updates on our upcoming trail locations, check out the Fleet Feet Warriors Facebook group and follow  us on Instagram.

At Trail Fridays, we are all climbing different mountains, both literal and metaphorical. No matter where you are on your trail journey, we welcome you. We cheer each other on, set and achieve goals, and find joy in every step. Trail Fridays is not just a group—it’s somewhere to belong.

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Newcomers Welcome

If you’re itching to join Trail Fridays but find yourself hesitating because you don’t know anyone or don’t feel ready, take a deep breath and be brave. Stepping into the unknown might feel daunting, but it’s often the first step toward something extraordinary. Embrace the discomfort and join us on the trails. You’ll be amazed by the warmth of our community and the connections waiting to be made. That act of bravery could be life-changing, opening doors to new friendships, experiences, mental wellness, and a deeper connection with nature. Remember, if nerves or questions linger, don’t hesitate to reach out to Kylee Wiscombe at or any of our friendly leaders. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

When Do We Meet?

Despite the name, Trail Fridays isn’t limited to Fridays. We believe that every day on a trail feels like a Friday, so you’ll find us gathering on various days of the week for regular meetups, social gatherings, and special events. Join us anytime and experience the joy of the trail, no matter the day.


For updates on our upcoming trail locations and events, check out the Fleet Feet Warriors Facebook group

and follow us on Instagram at Trail Fridays.

We are continually expanding our meetups as more leaders and participants join us. Our mission is simple: to provide motivation, accountability, and a chance to meet new people while exploring dirt trails and embracing the outdoors.

Where Do We Meet?

Our adventures take us to a variety of locations, from Ridge-to-Rivers trails to the Marsing area and the Boise National Forest. We love change and variety, making each outing a unique experience. Trail routes are posted by Wednesday each week in the Fleet Feet Treasure Valley Facebook group and on Instagram, so you can plan ahead and join us for the next adventure.

Be Prepared and Stay Safe

  • As with any adventure in the great outdoors, it’s important to be well-prepared and mindful of safety. We encourage you to research the trails you’ll be exploring and plan accordingly. This includes bringing ample water, nutrition, sunscreen, and other first aid and safety items. Be aware that wildlife encounters are possible on any trail, so stay vigilant and respectful of nature. While participating in Trail Fridays, remember that you are engaging in these activities at your own risk. Your preparedness is key to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Self-Navigation and Route Planning

Since we all have varying paces and abilities, some self-navigation may be required during our meetups. We use the Footpath and AllTrails apps to plan our routes.. If you’re new to our trail system and group, we highly recommend downloading the free Footpath & Alltrails apps and accessing the routes provided in the event posts. This will allow you to see exactly where you are on the trails. At the trailhead, we will go over the routes to ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident. Your preparation helps ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure for all.


Frequent Trekker Program

The Trail Fridays “Frequent Trekker Program” is an exciting incentive initiative sponsored by Fleet Feet Treasure Valley. Designed to reward regular participants, this program encourages consistent attendance by offering high-quality swag for your dedication to the trails. The more you trek with us, the more you earn!

Frequent Trekker Levels

  • 10 Treks: Gator, sticker, magnet
  • 25 Treks: Socks, sticker
  • 50 Treks: Hat, sticker
  • 100 Treks: Pullover/Hoodie, sticker

Join us on Trail Fridays and start earning your rewards today! The adventure and the community await you.

You've Been Flipped! Magnet

The Trail Fridays magnet, earned by attending 10 meetups through our Frequent Trekker Program, adds a playful twist to our community engagement. Display your magnet proudly, and when you spot another member’s magnet, be sneaky and flip it upside down. This signals that they’ve been seen by a fellow Trail Fridays adventurer, and the upside-down magnet reads “You’ve Been Flipped.” It’s a fun way to connect with other members outside of the trails. Share the fun by posting pictures of your flipped magnet on social media and tag @trailfridays. Let the flipping begin!

How Trail Friday's Began

Trail Fridays sprang from a simple yet profound idea: to create a welcoming space where runners and hikers of all levels could come together and explore the trails. Alex Mimlitz, owner of Fleet Feet Treasure Valley, recognized Kylee Wiscombe’s passion for running and hiking, as well as her desire to find companions to share those experiences with. When Kylee led a trail group for Fleet Feet’s Winter Warriors program, the response was immediate and enthusiastic. As Winter Warriors concluded, Kylee and fellow participants expressed a desire to continue meeting on Friday mornings, laying the foundation for Trail Fridays.

Kylee’s vision for Trail Fridays was clear: to foster inclusivity and acceptance, embracing every pace from walk to run, and welcoming novices and elites alike. Central to her philosophy was the belief that movement, connection, and goal-setting are essential for mental well-being, a belief shaped by her own journey of mental health recovery. She understood the transformative power of the trails, where genuine conversations unfold amidst the beauty of nature.

Recruiting leaders was not about speed or skill but about creating a culture of warmth and encouragement. Today, Trail Fridays boasts a team of a dozen leaders, encompassing both hiking and running, and has seen hundreds of individuals join their meetups. From its humble beginnings, Trail Fridays has evolved into a vibrant community united by a love for the trails and a shared commitment to supporting one another’s journey, both on and off the path.

Our Creed

Our Creed embodies the spirit of Trail Fridays, uniting us as we navigate the diverse landscapes of both the trails and our lives. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, we support each other’s journey, set goals together, and celebrate every step of the way. Join us as we find belonging, motivation, and camaraderie along the trails.


We are all climbing different mountains. Literal mountains and mountains in our lives. That’s what unites us. 


You may be just getting started on your trail journey, or you may be a trail junkie. You may hike at a party pace or tackle hills like a mountain goat. You may be in the back of the pack or leading the front.  

We’re here for it all. 


We are a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  We cheer each other on.  We set goals and achieve them. 


We start together and though we don’t necessarily stay together, we watch out for each other along the way. 


Trail Fridays is somewhere to belong.

Become a Trail Fridays Enthusiast!

Trail Fridays is a volunteer-run program, and we rely on the generosity of our community to keep it thriving. If you love Trail Fridays and want to help us enhance our program and host social events, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Your support enables us to continue offering diverse trail adventures and fostering a welcoming community. Click the button to donate and make a difference today.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Would your business like to sponsor Trail Fridays and promote your product or service to our enthusiastic members? Contact Kylee Wiscombe at to discuss sponsorship opportunities. We welcome partnerships that align with our mission and values and offer exposure at our meetups and social events.

Meet Our Leaders

Trail Fridays thrives thanks to our dedicated and passionate leaders, both in running and hiking. Their commitment and enthusiasm are the heart of our program, guiding each adventure and fostering a welcoming community. We couldn’t do it without them. If you’re interested in becoming a leader and sharing your love for the trails, please email Kylee Wiscombe at to learn more about leadership opportunities.


Trail Fridays is a project of Gr8ter Inc. a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.