Meet Kylee Wiscombe

President & Founder

Kylee is passionate about empowering others to rise above the struggles that life hands them.  You will find that she has no shame in the fact that she herself has been diagnosed with a mental illness; in fact she will confidently tell you that she puts “the cool in bipolar”.  Kylee has a gift of empowering others to live life authentically and without shame.  She believes that you can accomplish anything your heart desires and find true joy by prioritizing your life and helping others.

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More About Kylee

Who I am professionally: CPA turned stay-at-home-momma turned mental health advocate

My people: my husband Miles, and two kiddos Brycen & Trevor are my world

I’m good at: connecting with people and wrapping gifts

I’m scared of: spiders, snakes and anything slimy

My furbabies: a golden retriever named Robie, a Yorkie named Honey and two cats Sprink and Galaxy

My favorite self-care: energy work

My hobbies: reading, spending time with friends and family and anything that takes me to a trail…hiking, running, mountain biking