Remembering Colten
September is National Suicide Prevention month. Today Gr8ter honors the life of Colten Patrick Boyd.

Gr8ter Remembers Colten Patrick Boyd

So many of us have grieved someone who was taken from this world too soon. Today Gr8ter honors the life of Colten Patrick Boyd. Below is a message from his family who wish for just one more day with him. Their lives are forever changed by suicide.

Dearest Bubba, I know I had you told before that you were a surprise. But fun fact that I never told you? I never wanted to be a mom or to have kids. I had bigger plans or so I thought. In fact, I was even taking precautions to make sure that it didn’t happen. So, imagine my shock when I saw those lines. I don’t think I spoke for the next couple hours. Then I held you for the first time and I knew my life had changed for the better. You put my life onto a better course when you made me a mom. I’d like to think that I taught you so many things but in all honesty you’re the one that taught me. You taught me patience and grace, understanding and that magic erasers work better than getting upset about permanent marker on the walls. You taught me how to sew because of all your ripped clothes and how to get creative with cooking, that having boys means lots of mud and stitches and most importantly you taught me about unconditional love. You made me a mama and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

To say that I miss you, Bubba, is an understatement but I’m so grateful the short amount of time that I was blessed with you. I couldn’t be prouder of the wonderful man you were growing into. Your huge heart, even when you were ornery. Every morning I wake up and there’s that moment when I expect your huge smile to say morning mom and you to jump on me. You have the biggest goofiest, most contagious smile. I wish to hug you just once more, so I can never never let you go. But until that time that we’re together again, I’ll carry you in my heart, feel you in the sunshine & when I hold a newborn calf, smell you on sweaty horses & saddles and forever know you made me the luckiest mama in the world. Until we can be together again, I love you to the moon and back, forever.” – Mom

Top of Tamarack

On September 24th, Colten will be one of our many honorees at Top of Tamarack, Gr8ter’s mental health awareness and suicide prevention event. Our honorees come from all walks of life. Different paths, different experiences, different interests. And while they all may have lost their lives to suicide, it’s the powerful impact they had that unites them. Their lives had value. Their legacies are important. They had laughs that were contagious and smiles that lit up rooms. They were someone’s friend. They were someone’s family member. They were loved. We pick up the torch they left behind to ensure their powerful flames never go dark. Sharing memories of who they were and why they were so adored allows their light to shine on.

Join us on September 24th 2022 as we honor Colten and many more who were lost too soon at Top of Tamarack!

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Help is 3 Digits Away

Your struggles are valid. There are people available to listen and offer support any time of day, any day of the week. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide or self-harm, or struggling with mental health in any way, help is now just three digits away. You can call or text 988 for immediate mental health help. Please know that while the crisis line can be lifesaving for people thinking of suicide or self-harm, you don’t need to be at risk to use it. If you are struggling in any way with your mental health, reach out. Help is available.

We are here for you.

Questions, comments, or in need of support? Please reach out.

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