Meet Glenda Levesque


Glenda’s heart’s desire is to walk beside you and be a friend. She listens to our hearts, loves us no matter what, and encourages us to believe there is hope. Comfort, healing and freedom are found in that kind of friend, even if we are too paralyzed by fear or shame to speak our truth. Glenda’s goal is to return the blessing that someone gave her when she was at the darkest part of her life, which opened the door so that she could become an overcomer.

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More About Glenda

Who I am professionally: retired tax accountant/former nonprofit fiscal officer

My people: my kids, grandkids, family and special friends

I’m good at: being a listener and encourager

I’m scared of: talking about myself/public speaking 

My furbabies: Benji, my nerdy 4lb protective poohuahua

My favorite self-care: quiet time, spending time with the Lord and His word.

My hobbies: reading historical novels, spending time with family and friends, walking, fishing, gardening