Meet Amber Abercrombie


Amber is a Jack Jill of all trades, but a master of none. A mother. A teacher. A writer. A counselor. A student. An author. She is a perpetual learner, always trying to gain knowledge that will help her grow and serve others. She’s a childhood trauma survivor who has stumbled along the way, but now has an absolute knowledge that there is goodness on the other side. When she’s not trying to figure out a way to freeze time in order to prevent her teen daughters from growing up, she’s seeking ways to share that knowledge with others and provide hope to those who may feel temporarily hopeless.

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More About Amber

Who I am professionally: I am a freelance copy writer/editor with a Master’s in school counseling who teaches all Language Arts-related classes at an alternative high school by day.

My people: I have a partner in shenanigans and life who lends me strength when I am weak (he also brings so much laughter into my life, which is a sure-fire cure for a crummy day!) and two daughters who are brave and kind and everything I hope to be someday.

I’m good at: Giving pep talks, clumsily walking into walls, baking a mean chocolate chip cookie, and putting pen to paper to express myself.

I’m scared of: Disappointing people. I’m working on that, and I’ve learned that I am harder on myself than anyone else will ever be.

My furbabies: I am a lover of fur-free marine animals and have been obsessed with Shamu since I was a child. But since it’s illegal to do so in the US (of course I checked!), I currently do not own a dolphin or orca whale (even though I’d so love to!).

My favorite self-care: I love catching a good sunrise or sunset. There is something about the promise of a fresh start they provide that, coupled with their sheer beauty, always lifts me.

My hobbies: I love anything nature-related. Hiking, camping, jet skiing, swimming. If it’s an outdoor activity, I’m there. I’m a voracious reader, I love traveling to new and well-loved places, and I also thoroughly enjoy feeding others with recipes I’ve whipped up.